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Software Product Design + Development
Process + Business Systems
Consulting and Implementation for Great Outcomes
Hi, I'm Tim Shnaider
I spent the last 20 years becoming an expert in using technology to create great outcomes for people and businesses, and discovering the best systems and tools to enable that.
If you want more time to focus on what you do best, use me for what I do best.
First time someone has come in and delivered what they promised
General Manager, Marac Finance (Heartland Bank)
Project: Scope, Design, Implement a Collections Management system
Available for:
Contract Roles
1 to 8 week projects
Part-Time, Full-time
Hourly/Daily/Project Expert
I can drop in and start delivering outcomes and value in a couple of hours
  • Senior Full Stack/Backend Developer/Architect, Interim CTO
    • Design, architect, implement big/complex platforms
    • React - experience with Vue, jQuery, Backbone, Marionette, C#, Vanilla
    • Node.js
    • Typescript
    • Leverage the rich Package Ecosystem
    • App/Module Architecture and Operation Design
    • API design and implementation
    • 3rd party API integration
    • CLI development for dev lifecycle boosting
    • Database design and Implementation
    • Complex and customisable logic and rules system design and implementation
    • CSS, CSS-in-JS
  • Product Design and Launch
    • Productise services to scale
    • Market and Customer identification and research
    • UX ideating and design
    • Customer/user channel and acquisition strategy
    • Roadmap planning and management
    • Go to market strategy
  • Process Design, Improvement, and Automation
    • End-to-end process review, design, improvement, streamlining
    • Automation - Zapier, Integromat, custom
  • System Scoping, Recommendations, and Implementation
    • CRM
    • Work Management - Project, Task, Resource Management
    • World Class Customer Service Systems
  • Status Quo Challenger, Fresh Perspective Bringer, Strategy Builder
    • What got you here might not be right for the next stage of growth
    • Get help to see the big end-to-end system picture that's hard to see when you are so deep in your own thing
Details coming soon

Trading Marketplace Platform

snecu - marketplace + community + hub for sneaker heads
product design
material ui
P2P trading

Billions of $$$ is spent every year on sneaker trading. snecu is solving the pains and creating new opportunities in this booming space.


Collections Management System

Marac Finance
requirements scoping
project management
business modelling
process modelling
workflow automation

Marac's Collection team managed all their overdue payment arrangments with borrowers using ad-hoc Excel spreadsheets. Each morning officers would spend 2 hours pouring through reports to determine who to chase. I ran workshops with stakeholders to capture requirements, design a solution, implement, and deployed. Collections officers now camer into the office to a dashboard they could start actioning straight away.


All-in-one event lifecycle management SaaS Product

WhosDoingWhat Platform
full-stack development
product design
material ui

Building WhosDoingWhat - the ultimate tool for managing all the key decision and planning aspects of event lifecycle, with a social fun twist.


Complex Order & Workflow Streamlining + Automation

business modelling
process modelling
workflow automation

PromotionsOnly offer a branded promotional products service.
They have a complex lifecycle workflow involving the customer, PromotionsOnly, and vendors, that was being managed across email, painfully.
After mapping out the entire order to shipment lifecycle, I identified the ideal off-the-shelf system, designed the implementation and customisation, and rolled out.


Subscription Payments Workflow Design and Implementation

Datastream Data-as-a-Service marketplace
subscription lifecycle
process design

DatastreamX was offering data on subscription. They needed expert help in understanding and designing the subscription lifeycle they needed to support, and implementing using the Chargify subscription/payments platform with Stripe and Paypal.


Next.js + MDX powered static website

TimShnaider.com website
material ui

It was time to update the website. Along with presenting evergreen and dynamic content, I wanted to play with the latested in static site generation and markdown as content format.


"Tim has quickly become a real sounding board and colleague on the quest to make complicated things in business life, simpler.
He challenges you, asks great questions, is genuinely helpful and has a desire to improve the world around us for the masses.
I'd highly recommend Tim to help solve business problems and offer his unique take on things, no matter how obscure!"

"Tim Shnaider is a valued advisor to my business.
He brings fresh eyes to opportunity, and isn’t afraid to ask both the obvious and the difficult questions.
His skills have brought into relief where I want to take my company and the next steps I need to take.
Tim has a real passion for disruptive solutions in the food and tech ecosystem, and relishes a challenge.
When you’re at a point where you need to reset and think about where next, Tim’s great to have on board."

"Tim has a great ability to see the big picture, providing vision, clarity and goals and would have otherwise been unknown to a business.
In a quick chat, Tim was able to help take the blinkers off and assist in providing focus on what my business needed to grow. Definitely a great "out of the box" thinker and i would easily recommend him for businesses wanting to take that next step."

"There are people who understand business and there are people who understand technology, but there are only a few people who genuinely understand them both.
Tim Shnaider is one of those people.
He brings together an entrepreneurial insight for opportunity with a canny engineers ability to transform the complex into the accessible.
He is usually one or 2 steps ahead of his client's anticipation of either problem or opportune opening.
He doesn't suffer fools but if you want practical genius you would be hard pressed to find a better ally than Tim."

How I work

People First

Technology is a tool for people, not the other way around. You will always feel that with our interaction and the results.

Honest Fresh Perspective

You spend every day in your business, which oftens means you can get stuck. Let me provide a fresh perspective from someone who has worked with businesses of all sizes.

No Custom Solution Lock In

I only use popular, affordable, well supported tools, with plenty of independent experts available. You own your solution.

Quick Manageable Wins

No big bang projects. See progress and start benefiting every 1-2 weeks.

Timely Communication, No Suprises

You will always know in plain english what we agreed, what progress is, and immediate contact if we need to have a chat.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I take great pride in delivering great results and ensuring my clients have a delightful experience. Not delivering on that is not an option for me.