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AppStack - app framework powering rapid platform/product build
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AppStack is a node.js + next.js powered app framework and eventual cloud based service, that serves as the foundation for a number of products I am building.

It is comprised of a set of modular JS/TS packages that provide common services and functionality that all apps generally need e.g. database layer, authentication/authorisation, user management, and a growing set of out of the box modules - Surveys - design and render and capture responses, Event Management, Notifications, Project/Task Management, and more.

Using AppStack an app can be bootstraped to get immediate re-use of foundation app logic and a range of business logic and UI, in less than 10 minutes.

It's opinionated:

  • Next.js, ready to be deployed in Vercel's platform
  • Postgres as a datastore, preferrably cloud managed e.g. AWS RDS or Aurora
  • Next-Auth for turn key authentication

An AppStack cli tool, similar to using create-react-app, prompts for a few things, and then creates a monorepo.

AppStack Architecture

AppStack Tech

Using AppStack

AppStack Using #1

AppStack Using #2

The Details

I'm creating a Digital Product Startup Studio.

The short version of this story is I see infinite opportunities to solve pains and create new opportunities for people, using digital tools. So I'm going to experiment a lot with doing this, rapidly testing proof of concept ideas to various audiences, scaling up what works, learning from what doesn't.

For this to work I have to have a solid foundation that enables me to focus on the important proving of things, and not re-implementing the same thing each time e.g. building the app skeleton.

Any changes I make to make my tech stack should easily flow through to other products.